I may have come to this idol office by mistake, but I won't go only halfway. Nice to meet you!
— Julia, Online Character Profile

Julia (ジュリア?) is one of the new idols introduced in THE iDOLM@STER: Million Live! series. She is voiced by Aimi Terakawa.



As described in her introduction voice clip, Julia only became an idol by mistake. She was, instead, looking for a punk rock agency, but accidentally signed a contract with 765 Production's. However, despite the fact that she may not have aimed to become an idol at first, she is quick to point out that she will not only go halfway, and intends to use being an idol as a stepping stone into the world of punk rock. Still, she would like to become a rock star someday.

Julia really loves singing. She's always singing when she has free time and although she likes punk rock the most, Julia will sing any genre if asked, whether it be pop, rap, or even anime songs. She tends to lose herself in the music she listens to, making her oblivious to her surroundings.

Obviously, Julia is not her real name, and for some reason, Julia really doesn't want to tell anyone her real name. Although The Futami Twins call her Pu-chan, it’s not clear whether that is part of her real name, or whether it just comes from "punk rock".








  • Her cooking skills are so horrible that the result is inedible. Although, in the Survival Island event where Julia had been made a lead chef, Julia had improved her cooking skill vastly.
  • Julia is shown to be close with Subaru Nagayoshi, often referring to each other in event dialogue. Perhaps that is because both of them have problems becoming more girly as their work requires.
  • Julia likes to shorten her fellow idols' names like Chihaya to Chiha, Shizuka to Shizu, or Hibiki to Bikky.
  • Julia has good knowledge of astronomy since it's quite easy to write lyrics about constellations.
  • Julia has her own band outside of her idol work.
  • Even though Julia is left-handed, she uses a guitar that is designed for right-handed people. That's because she wants to use the same model as the guitarist she respects. Also, on the first day of the SSA concert, her voice actress (Aimi) actually plays the guitar while singing Ryuuseigun and that made Julia become more famous.
  • When listening to music, Julia can get so into a song that she is unable to notice anything around her.



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