I have no complaints...! I decided upon this, so I'm gonna do it!
— Sayoko Takayama, Online Character Profile

Sayoko Takayama (高山(たかやま)紗代子(さよこ) Takayama Sayoko?) is one of the new idols introduced in THE iDOLM@STER: Million Live! series. She is voiced by Yuri Komagata.



An honor student at school and a good singer. At first glance, she might look just like any other honors student. That's not wrong, however, she's actually more of a hot-blooded type. She's been determined since childhood-- she’d always put her whole heart into things and never give up until the last second. However, Sayoko often lacks self-confidence, believing that she doesn't have any outstanding talents. However, her determination allows her to believe that if she puts as much effort as she can into her work, she can do anything.

Although she wears her glasses in casual wear, Sayoko always takes her glasses off when she works, which she says that by doing so, she leaves her weaker self behind with the glasses. To Sayoko, her glasses are a symbol of her weakness. But there's a downside to this as well-- since she doesn't actually wear any contact lenses when she takes her glasses off, her poor eyesight can’t differentiate between a person and a tree, even at close range.

Sayoko also seems to have made a promise to become a famous idol to someone she refers to as “that child”. There is not any information about him or her yet. They seem to have known each other since childhood, hinted at in the summer festival event when Sayoko made a comment about how "that child" had always invited her to festivals. No further details were given other than that this was a thing of the past.

While Sayoko belongs to the vocal category, she seems to have a talent for acting. She can almost actually become the role she acts. Interestingly, this talent seems to shine the most when the performance is horror-related. She can even suppress her own mentalities when the role calls for it.

Her family consists of her parents and her little brother. Unlike the always-diligent Sayoko, her parents are actually carefree and quite goofy.








  • A special edition featuring THE iDOLM@STER of the bi-monthly magazine “Febri” contained an interview with staff of ONE FOR ALL, Cinderella Girls, and Million Live!. This interview revealed that Sayoko was actually intended to be a classic type idol, but since they already had Haruka Amami for that role, Sayoko was given hot-blooded determination instead.
  • She has a pet hedgehog named Hariko.
  • Fandom depicts her ability to suppress her own mentalities as her having the ability to remove the eyeshine from her eyes anytime she wants.



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